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International students visited municipality Barneveld

Last week 16 international students of PTC+ Barneveld visited the municipality of Barneveld. The students participate in the international diploma course on poultry and pig husbandry and animal feed. Read more >


About PTC+



PTC+ is the coordinating organization of four Expertise Centres for the development of businesses and individual professionals. Knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship are gathered here and shared according to a unique didactic concept: learning by doing.

PTC+’s Expertise Centres offer training courses, business training plans, development projects and practical assessments. These are always custom-made to the client’s individual requirements. In consultation with the client, PTC+ looks for the best location, but always in a real-life business context. 

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PTC+ and Kenteq sign cooperation agreement for Online Engineering Campus project 

> STEK rewards PTC+ on its 20th anniversary as a STEK-accredited examination institute

> PTC+ Oenkerk joins Dairy Training Centre in Leeuwarden

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'Developing human capital is the
key to a business’s success'.

Jenny van den Bovenkamp
General Manager PTC+