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De Ponti acquires PTC Horst

The Boxmeerse entrepreneur Ad de Ponti acquired ownership on the first of October of the Expertisecentre Rural Environmental Development & Animal Husbandry from PTC+. Read more >

PTC+ reaches Down Under

The 23rd of October, we were happy to welcome Klaas Visser from KAV Consulting Pty Ltd, an refrigeration engineering consulting firm based in Melbourne, Australia to our practical training center PTC+ in Ede. Read more >

Korean experience PTC+’s “Learning by Doing”

It was amidst a thousand flashes from 29 different cameras that PTC+ happily guided students from the national college of Agriculture around our practical training center in Ede, NL. Read more >

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'Developing human capital is the
key to a business’s success'.

Jenny van den Bovenkamp
General Manager PTC+