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Refrigeration and Engineering Technology (now called Aeres Tech)

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* Project in Sulawesi, read more

* Milestone in SAPA project Myanmar

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Collaboration between GD and PTC+

GD Animal Health and PTC+ Barneveld launch a joint program "Poultry Health, Climate and Feed". The program has been specifically developed for veterinarians, with theoretical lessons combined with practical lessons. Read more >

Opening Poultry Innovation Lab

Opening Poultry Innovation Lab Read more >

The Sisili-Kulpawn Irrigation Project in Tamale Northern Ghana

This was my second mission to Ghana. I’m Gerard Stout and at the end of April 2016 I went to Tamale to lend my expertise to the Sisili-Kulpawn Irrigation Project, which falls within the framework of developing mechanization for Agriculture in Northern Ghana. Read more >

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