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Education in the Poultry Innovation Lab

In October 2016 the Poultry Innovation Lab was opened. This unique facility allows students and (young) professionals to gain required knowledge in a real life context. Read more >

Alumni in the spotlight; Teweldemedhn

In August 2012 Teweldemedhn Gebretinsae from Ethiopia came to Barneveld with hopes and dreams. He attended the International Diploma Course on Poultry Husbandry and Animal Feed. We wanted to know how Teweldemedhn has fared after returning to his country. Read more >

PTC Ede is Aeres Tech

Since October 1st PTC+ Ede has a new name: Aeres Tech. The name brings focus to the professional and forward-looking approach of Aeres Tech to everything concerning refrigeration and engineering. Read more >